How we support you and your business.


We are a company that offers short term and long term services for projects on need-gap analysis, thereafter offering solutions that will bring great value.

Sales & Facilities out sourcing
We are effective and efficient in recruiting, training and managing your sales team. New business introduction to East Africa and packaging of different services as your facilities manager.
Training and Workshops

Developing skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies, content personalisation, in house and external training. Interactive workshops that are packed to inspire and influence teams.

Team Building
We offer customized sessions for a range of groups and various clientele
Personal Development
Bespoke training for your individual need, coaching, mentoring, counselling for self development and empowerment.
Professional Assessment
Are you just starting out or wandering if another career would suit you better? We have the the tools to let you get to know your self better and guide you to a career where you will thrive and not just survive.
Facilitation & Events

We work with you to design your ideal event, and facilitate to ensure your interaction and outcomes are powerful.


Youth workplace readiness 21st century skills

How We Support Your Core Business

We are in the business of Influencing your potential!

  • As an organization or as an individual, we impact & shape your growth and development positively.

How we can support you:

  • Internal on job – site training for companies, as small groups, large groups, for Individuals as a one on one.
  • Consultancy on various projects such as extracting needs, Interviews and packaged mystery shopping.
  • Customized training aligned to the organizations values, and challenges.
  • Personalized projects such as team buildings, recruitment, and events.
  • Individual training and development.
  • Mentorship

Let us support your Kore Potential, grow with you, impact and shape your future positively.
We have a different and flexible approach, which ensures you achieve your specific goals, affordably.


We have joined in the journey of achieving the Global Sustainable Development goals

  • Goal 5: Gender equality
  • Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth
  • Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals

We remain available, at no extra charge, to answer follow-up questions and  provide advice to the business.


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